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Our yearly collections include armchairs, tables, lounges, sofas, and complementary pieces informed by architectural contextualization and design trends, with a focus on creating a conversation between space, environment, and lifestyle. We aim to explore combinations of materials and colors that generate a tangible emotional and tactile response, while leaving a distinct and thoughtful imprint on the eye and mind.


Thoughts, inspiration, and stories behind the name – A name that has always been a favorite of ours. Strong and structured, derived from both Irish and American meanings such as, “high desire,” and “lover of hounds.” As deep animal lovers, the thought of cozying up with our families and furry friends is a delight and highly desirable but is not always accessible in the world of elegance. Creating a warm space to accomplish just that, the Connor sectional provides countless ways for achieving this both indoors and outdoors. Light and airy in feel with its long legs, yet formfitting enough to easily keep clean, this plush, buildable, and versatilely chic style is beneficial in any space of the home. Sectionals, daybeds, poolside, fireside, bedroom décor, the list is endless for this series.


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Thoughts and inspiration – Named with fondness, having one of our founders being born and raised on the east side of the Hawaiian island of Oahu, and years later both founders getting engaged on that very same part of the island, our Easton sectional is made with attention to detail to allow you to live your best life. Dignified and adaptable, this sectional boasts buildable configurations, complete with moveable backings and cushions. Redefine your sophisticated style with the many innovative Easton compositions that aim to please any design palette both indoors and out.


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Thoughts, inspiration, and stories behind the name – Named after our grandmother from Greenwich, CT, this piece is remarkable in so many ways just as she was. Poised to perfection, clean and classic, versatile, and elegant: never a mark missed. Regardless of its use, formal or informal, each person can enjoy the Elizabeth regardless of placement. Designed to unite and bring together in comforting ways, the Elizabeth is completely modular and one of our coziest and most popular of choices for the entire family.


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Thoughts and inspiration – Meaning: “brave and powerful.” While both brave and powerful in its presence: this piece is eye-catching and welcoming in stature. The perfect combination of bold, elegant, and interchangeability. A positively remarkable addition to any space. Buildable and brilliant, this piece is sure not to disappoint.


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Thoughts, inspiration, and stories behind the name – An even grander version of the Princeton, the Kingston sectional is fit for royalty and is named after our English bulldog, Kingston. Chiseled and stately in stature, its higher seat frame and elegant formations boast a most unique feature by applying versatile bench seating to its outlying counterparts. This seating is particularly applicable in multidirectional rooms and allows for comfort not only toward its main focus, but also turning to conversation to indoor/outdoor vignettes, dining areas, entertaining areas: the list of possibilities are limitless.


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Thoughts, inspiration, and stories behind the name – Named to honor our father’s early childhood in Princeton, NJ and our family’s Princeton University alumni, the Princeton sectional brings the perfect balance of structure, relaxation, and impeccable form. Polished, yet meant to be enjoyed, each curve, angle, and surface was carefully placed for seamless entertaining, modularity, and countless ways to style. Indoor and outdoor in use. Arms and backrest are designed to use as additional seating, and for entertaining purposes.


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