Key Features and Core Values of Modern Studio's Design and Furnishings


Inspired by integrity, honesty, and a strong, creative will: every stitch, nail, screw, finish, and attachment are carefully placed by hand, not assembly-line machinery. There is soul to what we do. Inspired also by some of the world’s finest designers coupled with our own element, we strive to make each piece unique to the client. Hand-made locally here in Los Angeles at our 40,000 sq ft facility with personally selected materials.

We are one of Orange County’s longest-standing true artisans where the lost art of hand-made quality reunites with warm furnishings. We aim for each client to have a spectacular return on their investment when working with Modern Studio.

We continue to keep alive the lost art of true artisanship and give the people a choice in making a home or commercial space built to their liking and not simply store-bought specifics. We aim to bring uniqueness and curiosity to a space that leaves each guest wondering how the look was accomplished. We go into each project and development of each piece with the client’s end-use in mind.

We specialize in indoor and outdoor upholstery manufacturing and custom millwork. Alongside, we carry specialty lines that we believe in: we have a warm place for other local artisans whom we believe carry the same message and we love to celebrate their craftsmanship as well.

We are a husband and wife team who have learned to dance together in entrepreneurship whilst chasing their dreams both together and individually.


Oftentimes clients will bring in pictures or idea boards of what they like, it is then our skill to guide them and help them build from start to finish, the piece or pieces they are visualizing.

Once finishes and designs are selected and confirmed with a signature and deposit, we then secure materials and begin the design and renderings if the client finds they need them for visualization. Should a project call for it, we enjoy being able to bring a vision to life through rendering out a space with the furnitures and finishes in mind that the client would like to create. It is often difficult for people to visualize, so we aim to remove the guesswork as much as possible. We tailor each experience to each specific client’s needs.

The inspiration of pieces most requested but not limited to: Minotti, B&B Italia, Roche Bobois. Materials are hand-selected and wide variety depending on indoor or outdoor usage. Listed but not limited to: Kiln-dried Alder, Pine, Walnut, Exotic Suarina Wood, Marine-grade Plywood, Anti-microbial Foam, Trillium, Feather-down, and Dacron.


At Modern Studio we believe that a true sense of elevation and importance starts within the home. We believe in the generational betterment and opportunities for every person to create a space unique to the square footage of their project.

We are a creative environment where we lift each other up and assist their design dreams in coming to life. We celebrate the lost art of true artisans and quality and care deeply about the constant development of like-minded individuals in establishing our ever-growing team.

We employ championing others to recognize that they do have a story to tell, one that matters, and invite them to take their pen back and continue to write the next chapter of the best version of who they were created to be. We are the guides, and they are the heroes. We assist those around us to be the hero of their own story.

We are not a competitive environment. We lift each other up and believe in the success of everyone around us and that there is a plentiful amount for everyone. We believe in abundance, not scarcity. We believe everyone has a creative side waiting to be expressed. We believe in quality and guidance, not competition nor overriding one another in pride. We believe in the success of everyone around us and in order to have success in our own lives, our circle must also be successful.

A motto we stand by:  “If home is where the heart is, we want your heart to shine”